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Winning Mega Moolah: Tips and Strategies

There is no doubt that the famous Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming is enjoying huge popularity at the current time. With a record 55.6 million paid out to twelve confirmed winners throughout 2017, all of whom became instant millionaires in their local currency, the slot has never seen more players playing on a regular basis.

With the first winner of 2017 already confirmed just a short time ago, the jackpot is already building towards the next big winner. So, the question many slots fans are asking themselves is ‘what can I do to maximise my chances of winning that Mega jackpot prize?

In this article, we are going to explore a little more about the Mega Moolah slot itself, how it works and how your chances of triggering the Jackpot Bonus Game (the first step to winning one of the four jackpots available on the slot) are calculated. From that we will then look at some simple tips and strategies you can use to give yourself the best chance possible to win.

We’ll then look at some of the lucky players who have cracked the jackpot on Mega Moolah, and of course, we’ll finish by showing you exactly where you can put your strategy into play whether you are based in the United Kingdom or Canada, or elsewhere, by looking at the best Mega Moolah hosting casinos you can sign up with.

Let’s begin now though with an overview of the Mega Moolah slot itself.

Mega Moolah Game Overview

The first thing to note about Mega Moolah is that it is not just one slot. There are actually four themes players can play. These are linked together under the Mega Moolah umbrella that pay into the same progressive jackpot fund.

The original game is Mega Moolah and this is based on an African safari theme and in truth, is the most likely version of the game you will come across. There are three other slots you can play that all offer you a shot at the same Mega Moolah jackpot though and they are; an Egyptian theme, an American theme and a Summer theme. You can win the Mega Moolah jackpot on any of the four slots.

Winning a Mega Jackpot

The first thing to note about Mega Moolah is that there is not just one jackpot, but four and they increase in value. For convenience sake, we are going to quote amounts using British Pound as the base currency, but all wins on the slot are paid out in your local currency, or your currency of play.

The Mini Moolah jackpot is the smallest and most frequently triggered and this pays out amounts that are usually around the £10 to £20 mark. The next biggest jackpot is the Minor Moolah prize which pays out less frequently but usually has prizes of over £100 ready to be won.

The big money starts to be made available when you land the Major Moolah prize, which sees prizes that are measured around 20 to 30 thousand pounds and lastly, the big one is the Mega Moolah prize, which has a minimum seed amount of £1 million guaranteed by Microgaming. The jackpot grows to considerably more than that with some jackpot prizes paying out over £10 million and some far more than that.

Now we know there are four jackpots and their typical amounts when won, we now have to discover how they are triggered. This happens randomly and the Jackpot Bonus Game can be triggered on any spin at any time.

Once the Jackpot Bonus Game is triggered, you get to spin the big wheel and you will win one of the four jackpots – regardless of what happens you win something every time. Of course, you are more likely to win the Mini or the Minor prizes, but you could also be one of the lucky ones to win the Major or make internet gambling history by winning the Mega prize. So what is the best strategy to give yourself the maximum chances of doing precisely that?

Tips and Strategies

Now, the observant among you will have noticed that the Jackpot Bonus Game feature, the key to winning one of the Mega Moolah jackpots, is triggered randomly in the Mega Moolah base game. So surely, there is no possible strategy you can employ to try and get a random event to occur?

Well yes…and no. While the triggering of the Jackpot Bonus Game is random, the chances it will be activated is slightly favourable towards the amount of money you wager on each spin in the Mega Moolah base game. Therefore you have a slightly better chance of triggering the Jackpot Bonus Game the more you wager on each spin.

However, the chances increase only slightly on each spin and in my view, I believe a more sensible strategy is to maximise the number of spins you can get for your money as each spin is one more additional chance to trigger the jackpot. So, for example, if you have £50 to spend playing the game, I would much rather have 100 x £0.50 spins or 200 x £0.25 spins than I would 25 x £2 spins.

The other main strategy or tip I can give you to give yourself the most chance of landing the jackpot is quite simply, to play the game as often as your finances and time allow. Of course, this still means gambling responsibly and sensibly and only spending what you can afford to lose each time. The maxim, ‘you have to be in it, to win it’ is a good one to remember here and the more spins you have on the slot, the more chances you give yourself.

One final tip which I am passing on to you with a big caveat and that is, many slot players believe that slot game jackpots build up from being ‘cold’ just after a big win to ‘warm’ when a big win is likely to be due to ‘hot’ when a big win is, in their view, going to be won imminently.

While I can understand the math behind how this works (which is all based on the average size of a jackpot win and the number of days on average between wins), I feel I have to point out too that slot games are entirely random and they do not necessarily work within these parameters. We do have a winner stats page for those that would like to view the averages and trends.

A good example of this came in November 2017, when one player won the Mega Moolah jackpot on the 4th November and then just 11 days later, another player won the same jackpot. According to these meters, the game would have been very cold and not likely to pay out at this point. Indeed, the record shortest amount. Of time between Mega Moolah Jackpot wins is less than one day (which occurred in May 2017).

So, while these meters can be useful to gauging when a jackpot is likely to go, they are by no means 100% accurate as a Mega Moolah Jackpot can be won at any time, on any spin by any player, regardless of how long or short a time ago the last jackpot was triggered.

Mega Moolah’s biggest winners

The biggest ever winner on the Mega Moolah Jackpot game is also the Guinness World Record holder for the largest amount of money paid out by an online slot game. That lucky player who won a staggering £13.2 million+ when he triggered the jackpot back in October 2015.

The biggest winner in 2017 was one lucky player who landed an eight million euro top prize, which just happens to be the largest ever win on the slot from a mobile player. Other big winners were M.G. who was a CA$11.6m winner in November 2016, Rawiri a NZ$10m winner in June 2016, and a Canadian player, who remained anonymous, took home CA$7.5m in April 2015.

Where to play Mega Moolah?

Of course, the chance to potentially win a life-changing amount of money probably has you looking forward to trying your luck on the legendary slot and if you are based in the UK or Canada, or elsewhere, then you have a selection of casinos to pick from, each of which offers you a great Welcome Bonus to get you started.

United Kingdom & Canada, and some EU states, and the rest of the world

In these regions you have a choice of three great casinos to sign up with in order to play Mega Moolah:

  • Captain Cooks Casino This is a fantastic casino to join for Mega Moolah fans as part of your welcome bonus sees you get 100 chances to spin for the Mega Moolah jackpot for just a £5 deposit. Furthermore, if you don’t win big, then you can earn up to £475 on your next deposit too.
  • Zodiac Casino – This is another casino Mega Moolah lovers should sign up with as for a deposit of just £1, you will receive 80 chances to spin the Mega Moolah slot and potentially win a massive jackpot prize. Indeed, one player has taken up this offer and already claimed a massive 7.9m Euro prize when doing so! If you don’t strike it lucky with your 80 Free Spins then don’t worry as you will also get a 100% Matched Deposit bonus on your next deposit of up to £100 too.
  • Luxury Casino If you’d prefer to have a bit more flexibility about what games you’d like to play with your bonus cash then Luxury Casino offers you a great deal. You can claim a great value Welcome Bonus of up to £1,000 in cash when you make your first five deposits at the casino, offering you the chance to realise bonus cash each time. You can qualify for this offer for a deposit of just £10 making this affordable for all players.

See these offers on the casinos page. Players of any of the three casinos above also benefit from the Rewards Program.

Remember, these same offers are available for Canadian players, but the currency used is of course the Canadian Dollar, rather than the British Pound. Other countries where Mega Moolah is popular include most of the European countries and beyond where Euros are mainly used. All Mega Moolah casinos accept Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Krone, Krona, and may accept other currencies as well.

Mega Moolah is a phenomena around the world in those countries where gambling online is legal.

Now that you know more about the Mega Moolah and how to maximise your chances of winning, not to mention three casinos offering you the best deal to sign up and play the game, what are you waiting for? Try your luck now and maybe your exploits and Mega Jackpot win will be the one we are all reading about over the coming year! Go to the Casinos Play page to find exclusive offers.

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