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Jackpot Winners!

See the history of winners below and read about some of their stories.

Mega Moolah’s Mega Jackpot Winners

R4,308,741.01ZAR15/11/2007 13:45
$5,556,753.68 USD18/04/2008 15:03
€6,374,599.9EUR09/05/2009 18:03
€1,171,776.64EUR03/07/2009 23:25
$1,242,561.85 USD05/10/2009 19:34
€2,547,086.98 EUR29/11/2010 08:49
R2,512,992.33 ZAR15/06/2011 22:40
€3,841,871.46 EUR11/10/2011 19:14
$1,528,304.16 USD11/03/2012 19:36
€1,391,166.54 EUR28/04/2012 16:03
$1,070,272.30 USD25/05/2012 15:42
£5,883,044.00 GBP09/12/2012 22:46
€3,036,433.21 EUR03/05/2013 09:42
$1,062,335.94 NZD10/05/2013 05:42
£3,744,513.08 GBP06/09/2013 16:43
$1,665,580.61 AUD16/12/2013 11:13
$1,668,788.26 USD17/01/2014 14:00
$2,318,814.93 USD13/02/2014 19:04
$4,259,669.78 CAD12/06/2014 14:17
€2,384,388.87 EUR18/06/2014 20:42
$1,013,801.05 CAD24/06/2014 16:24
$3,841,924.88 CAD09/11/2014 07:42
$7,562,019.94 CAD09/04/2015 19:48
£13,213,838.68 GBP06/10/2015 23:08
$10,144,395.82 NZD17/06/2016 13:35
$11,610,536.59 CAD28/08/2016 20:27
$11,633,898.44 CAD05/11/2016 20:47
$5,634,326.71 AUD15/11/2016 23:44
$8,453,754.28 CAD16/01/2017 12:29
$9,572,948.34 CAD14/03/2017 23:34
€8,012,153.35 EUR25/04/2017 17:09
€3,722,530.12 EUR22/05/2017 13:11
$1,000,350.40 CAD22/05/2017 18:26
$1,599,752.60 NZD19/06/2017 18:28
$1,000,727.50 AUD19/06/2017 17:14
€1,821,567.23 EUR06/07/2017 14:04
$5,131,819.30 AUD14/08/2017 18:56
€7,742,015.53 EUR25/09/2017 21:18
£1,448,116.31 GBP01/10/2017 02:13
$1,413,537.73 CAD15/11/2017 05:05
€4,278,677.94 EUR18/12/2017 08:56
$3,688,145.24 CAD14/01/2018 04:00
$7,453,168.03 CAD27/02/2018 20:00
€4,365,843.63 EUR08/03/2018 00:30
$5,691,921.42 USD19/04/2018 20:43
£1,778,226.80 GBP20/04/2018 21:30
$8,332,554.01 NZD24/06/2018 18:10
€18,910,668.01 EUR28/09/2018 17:00
$20,059,287.27 CAD30/01/2019 17:30
$12,945,668.34 USD05/03/2019 06:30
$3,308,063.71 CAD06/03/2019 20:30
$8,162,217.05 CAD04/05/2019 00:30
£5,543,986.99 GBP24/05/2019 01:30
£3,033,563.60 GBP17/06/2019 17:30
$5,954,437.97 CAD10/08/2019 21:30
$4,746,748.54 CAD05/09/2019 04:00
$4,443,185.39 CAD30/09/2019 22:00
£3,558,858.68 GBP16/10/2019 09:30
£2,771,102.29 GBP08/11/2019 21:00
$4,966,561.64 NZD30/12/2019 02:00
$16,496,347.95 CAD05/04/2020 22:00
$13,615,861.49 NZD08/05/2020 14:00
$9,959,553.83 CAD24/05/2020 20:30
$4,480,847.46 CAD27/05/2020 03:00
€14,239,532.84 EUR17/08/2020 23:30
$4,026,837.88 CAD06/09/2020 07:30
$3,075,080.56 NZD19/09/2020 10:00
$6,017,395.68 NZD29/10/2020 10:00

Note that some casinos announce their wins in Euros only. However the Mega Moolah sport’s default currency is British Pounds. Players typically play in their home foreign currency and the jackpot is continually paid out inside the player’s selected currency of play. The recreation most effective resets to the seeded one million British Pounds while the jackpot is surely won in British Pounds. This regularly causes misunderstandings amongst players. Please additionally word that no longer all casinos announce their winners and now not all winners need exposure.

Below are some winner comments

jackpot winners

Rawiri Pou from New Zealand won NZ$10,144,395.82 in June 2016! The 27-year-old fast-food worker said “he still can’t believe it’s real. I’ve been in shock since I won and it is literally going to change my life. There is so much my family and I can do with this money and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are so overwhelmed and happy.”

M.G. from Canada won big when he scooped up a CA$11,633,898.44 jackpot in November 2016. M.G. said, “Wow thank you so much! This is obviously life changing! I cannot believe it! I will definitely be buying a nice big house and a vacation cottage! And taking my entire family on a first class trip to Africa! This will mean great Christmas presents for everyone!”

The record-breaking Mega Moolah jackpot of £13.2 million was won in October 2015 by British soldier Jon Heywood from United Kingdom. After his win, Jon stated: “It’s all so surreal and I can’t come to terms with it just yet. I just keep staring at my screen and seeing this huge number in my casino account.”

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John Orchard from the UK won £5.88 million on 9 December 2012. John, an avid bingo player, decided to spin some progressive games, and especially the Mega Moolah with a 30p stake and was awarded the randomly triggered jackpot! Just goes to prove how “lady luck” can grace you with her presence at the most unexpected of times.

jackpot winnerRadoslaw M. from Poland claimed US$1.2 million on 5 October 2009.

Radoslaw said “I was afraid to touch my computer, I was so shocked!” He said. “I’m so happy, I don’t know what to say!”

Radoslaw immediately planned to get married and have a honeymoon, and live a life he and his fiance had only dreamed about. It’s just great when a jackpot goes to someone like Radoslaw!

And who can forget 11 May 2009 when Mega Moolah created an instant multi-millionaire when Georgios from Greece won over 6.3€ million. Georgios spun with five euros to produce this monumental win. Georgios was over the moon and after the win could only say “I still cannot believe it!”

The Mega Moolah’s main jackpot, the Mega Jackpot, can be won during a randomly triggered bonus round where the player spins a big wheel of chance. The lucky ones who land the wheel on the right slot can win the jackpot, which is paid out in one lump sum.

Prior to Georgios’ win it was Klaus from Finland who on 22 April 2008 turned a 0.50c coin bet into US$5.5 million.

That’s 11 million times the original bet amount! Klaus said “when I saw 5,556,753 flash on my screen I though it was a US phone number. It couldn’t be a jackpot, I must be mistaken! So I just got up from my table, went outside to clear my head, and then came back in again for another look and noticed five and half million dollars sitting in my casino account!” Klaus soon realised it was no mistake as he went to pick up the ringing phone – it was the casino, and the rest is online history.

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