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243 Ways to Win Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah slot: It’s a big deal OK!

Ever since the original Mega Moolah was released and in the subsequent releases of Mega Moolah jackpot powered games some years back, every Mega Moolah game has stuck to one rule and that rule was that every game would use a stated number of pay lines.

That rule was followed in the release of the 25 pay line Mega Vault Millionaire slot back in the autumn of 2019 and it was once again in place when the 10 pay line Atlantean Treasures slot hit casinos on general release this February. Mega Moolah, it seemed, was forever destined to be a slot game that used ‘pay lines’.

Now there is nothing wrong with pay lines as such, but it just seemed a little unusual that the company which had first created the 243 Ways to Win slot game a few years back, wasn’t ready to use that particular set up on a Mega Moolah slot.

That was until now and the forthcoming release of the Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah slot!

What is the difference between pay lines and 243 Ways to Win?

Pay lines have been in evidence in slot games pretty much since the first ever slot game, Liberty Bell, was invented at the end of the 19th century. That game just used a single winning line and for many years, slots just had the one winning line until advancements in the industry allowed for games to offer multiple winning lines.

The ability to offer multiple lines to win really improved when we reached the electronic and latterly the digital age. Electronic games allowed programmers to program in a greater number of pay lines than ever before and when we moved into the digital age and online slot gaming, then programmers could have a field day, increasing both the number of reels available and the number of potential winning pay lines in each game.

Soon 20 pay line slots became the norm, as did 25 pay line games. Then we hit games with 40 or 50 pay lines and some that had around a hundred.

Then Microgaming grasped the nettle and worked through the math and realised that on a standard 5×3 reel slot game, there were a maximum of potential winning pay lines, which covered every possible combination of symbols across the reels. That number was 243 different ways to win and hence the first 243 Ways to Win slot was born.

That slot came from Microgaming and was the Burning Desire slot. It is still available to play today across a wide number of Microgaming casinos. Other games soon followed.

Since then, the slots industry has not looked back and we now have games that offer 1024, 2048 or even greater numbers of ways to win across the reels.

Essentially, 243 Ways to Win simply refers to the number of possible pay lines that there are on a standard 5×3 reel slot. It only applies to 5×3 reel slots as if there are more reels or more symbols displayed on a slot, then the number of possible ways to win across the reels increases (for a 5×4 reel slot, such as Terminator 2, that number is 1024 Ways to Win). However, since any combination of symbols across the reels works, lines are not used and instead these slots are called 243 Ways to Win games.

However, what is noteworthy for progressive jackpot prize hunters is that the Absolootly Mad slot will be the first game linked to the massive Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize that offers 243 Ways to Win as well as a shot at the top jackpot prize.

Are Microgaming Absolootly Mad to offer a 243 Ways to Win Mega Moolah slot?

When a company develops a 243 Ways to Win slot, they are essentially giving the player more chances to win on every spin compared to a pay line game. It stands to reason that if you have 25 pay lines in play, you would have almost 10x the chances to win on the same slot with the same set up if the slot was altered to a 243 Ways to Win game.

However, to combat this, 243 Ways to Win games do tend to be similar in many respects. The first thing is that the size of prizes on offer for wins across the reels tend to be considerably smaller. Three symbol wins for example, are often just a fraction of your total bet.

To combat this, it is also possible to win across several lines at once on a Ways to Win slot and these wins, more so than in standard slot games with pay lines, do tend to help bolster these lower value wins into something more substantial.

In the early days of 243-ways to win slots, the cost of playing these games could be prohibitive. Most games cost around 1.00 or at cheapest, 0.50 to play. However, in recent times, the mathematical models used in these games have improved and now you are finding games such as Absolootly Mad are far cheaper to play. As is evidenced by Absolootly Mad’s relatively small minimum bet prize of 0.20 per spin.

So what you have here is not only a 243 Ways to Win slot that offers you a shot at a massive progressive jackpot prize (which at the time of writing has just crashed through the 10 million mark), but which also is affordable to play for the vast majority of players at just 0.20 per spin. That is remarkable value, but it does mean one thing and that is the variance on this slot is going to be high. Although anyone that has played progressive jackpot games before will be well aware that all these games tend to be higher variance anyway.

So 243 Ways to Win is a smart move by Microgaming, but it is not the only innovation on the slot. The best 243 Ways to Win games also often feature another bonus called Rolling Reels and this is also in evidence on the Absolootly Mad slot.

243 Ways to Win, Rolling Reels and Multiplier Trails

One of the best features of 243 Ways to Win slots is Rolling Reels and Multiplier Trails and both of these features have been included on the Absolootly Mad slot. Once again, these are the first time that both these features have been in play on a slot offering a shot at the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prizes.

In Rolling Reels, reels don’t spin as they do in standard slots, but instead they are populated by symbols dropping down from above. When you land a win, the symbols involved in that win pay you out and then disappear. This creates space on the reels, which is then filled by symbols above dropping into those positions.

When symbols drop into new positions, they can create new wins from the same spin. These are called Rolling Reels wins and this is where the Multiplier Trail kicks in. When you land a Rolling Reel win, the multiplier value increases. In the base game, your triggering win will generate a 1x multiplier, but a subsequent Rolling Reels win will see that increase to 2x, then up to 3x for a second Rolling Reels win and a fourth or more win will see you land a huge 5x multiplier.

Best of all, Rolling Reels and Multiplier Trails are in play in Free Spins too and if landed during Free Spins, then the value of your Multiplier on the Trail increases by 3x the standard value, giving you a multiplier starting at 3x and increasing up to 15x the standard amount.

It is going to be hugely interesting to see whether the addition of another hugely popular format of slot to the Mega Moolah network sees a fresh new influx of players ready to try their luck for that massive top prize. My money is on this new game doing precisely that.

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